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A Buzz 3D Interface is the World's most flexible and cost effective solution for simulating reality within an interactive Virtual space using little more than a 3D gaming laptop. Whether for Market Research (Retail & OOH Advertising), Manufacturer/Retailer collaboration (with full Merchandising options), unique Shopper Insights or pure Marketing, our technology is capable of delivering widespread cutting edge capabilities throughout your organisation. 

Buzz 3D offers a unique suite of software solutions that combine High Definition photorealistic visuals, full 3D soundfields and animation, the seamless integration of all forms of multimedia content, unrestricted user interaction supported by in-depth data collection, and much more, all displayed within a high performance 3D engine easily used by all.

Planogram workflow is fully supported using either a Buzz 3D standalone template or integrated with your existing planogram software. Gone are the days of meticulously laying out planograms - simply drag and drop products onto shelves in a Buzz 3D environment. Buzz 3D can recreate everything from the Virtual Store to simply an aisle using Virtual Shelf.

NEW Buzz 3D now supports nVidia GRIDTM - read more about this exciting technology and how it allows Buzz 3D environments to be used on any device!

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3D Interface
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1. Creating 3D Planograms
2. Track / Record user activities in real-time
3. Output real-time 3D direct to video
4. Record and output Eye-Tracking data in real-time



Click here to discover how Buzz 3D can create product and environment 3D models using high quality photographs.

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