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Buzz 3D is a Photorealistic Virtual Reality technology, offering Visitors complete freedom to Interact with any aspect of an exciting new concept for presenting all forms of art to a 21st Century audience.

Visitors have full freedom to explore, or be taken along a guided tour, just like in the real world. Size and place exhibits, embed audio, video other media, choose decor and lighting options and make use of 'unlimited' wall space by opening up additional rooms.

Buzz 3D can enable artists, galleries and auction houses the ability to present works of art in an immersive, engaging, relevant and exciting 3D space. Whether as part of an exhibition or an auction, a Buzz 3D Art Gallery can extend the "reach" using the web in a unique and positive way.

In the same way that Damien Hirst has over recent years turned on its head the traditional way art is sold, Buzz 3D can offer others in the Art World a means of adopting dynamic new ways for presenting all art work.

Whether recreating a studio, gallery, auction room - the choice is endless in which to exhibit installations, sculpture, painting and drawing as an artist wishes it to be seen.

Easily linked to Internet Payment Gateways, Buzz 3D acts as an effective Commercial extension to your business by providing payment-based remote access to your Gallery content.

Below the video gives the briefest of introductions as to just one example of how a gallery may appear.

Video overview

  • Buzz 3D can incorporate the best facets of any 2D web page, it takes Virtual Reality to deliver this amount of content without overloading the Visitor.
  • All the benefits of a traditional "Video Tour" but because it is not "cast in stone" Buzz 3D has none of the limitations.
  • Even a simple room (shown in the video) demonstrates that Buzz 3D can deliver 47 paintings, two sculptures and a range of furniture yet still have "space" to spare.
  • Architecture and decor is limited only by Imagination within a Buzz 3D Art Gallery.
  • Furniture may be used purely for ambience or function as clickable links to social amenities such as Internet Chat or Social Networking.
  • A visitor may walk anywhere, look at anything from any angle or any distance
  • Artists are able to arrange displays in correct scale and relational context.

For screen captures from Buzz 3D Art Gallery, click here.

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