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As Buzz 3D software can replicate any environment in 3D, it enables us to provide solutions for a wide variety of Clients and markets.

Examples of these (but not limited to) the following are -

Sales and marketing

Buzz 3D have created 3D environments for the property and real estate industry of developments that haven't even been built yet. This allows schemes to be marketed to potential purchasers months or even years before a scheme is under construction.

These environments also allow developers, realtors, agents, etc to use the 3D environments for planning, maintenance, as well as part of the sales process.


Using 3D for research is a natural fit. Whether using to test products packaging designs in a retail store, external signage on a restaurant or even advertising placements on billboards - Buzz 3D can assist.

Linked to extremely accurate (third party) eye tracking hardware, Buzz 3D can provide quick and cost effective results in a fraction of the time and cost traditional research provides.


Whether a retailer and manufacturer are finalising in store product layouts or making other alterations before committing these to a real store, a Buzz 3D environment is the perfect tool to test new ideas.

Please explore how Buzz 3D have provided solutions for a variety of industries -

Please contact us at to discuss your individual requirements.

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