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The Buzz 3D Editing and Design capabilities of both the Virtual Shelf and Enterprise-level solutions provides a range of functions from simple shelf-population, using your own product library, to Space Planning and Store Design in bespoke Virtual Store environments for Enterprise clients.

Virtual Shelf

  • 3D Planograms
  • Experiment with Marketing Concepts
  • Demonstrate & Collaborate
  • Move around like 3D Gaming (Mouse / Keyboard / Joystick / Gamepad / Trackball / Touchscreen)
  • Easy to Use (just Drag and Drop products onto shelves)
  • Uncluttered and Friendly
  • Filter Library Products by Category, Sub-Category & Brand
  • Automatic Pricetag Positioning
  • Manual Product Stacking
  • Adjustable Shelf Heights
  • One-Click Financials – virtual Stocktaking of current configuration, including % utilisation of display unit space
  • Save / Load your designs
  • Use the Editor on a laptop to take it mobile and collaborate with your customers
  • 1:1 viewing option – calibrate to your screen size and then see the product on-screen size for size as it would be in the real world
  • Multi-lingual support



All of the above features plus:

  • Design Your Virtual Store
  • Apply Exterior and in-Store Signage
  • Custom POS support
  • Store Planning – add / edit / remove & move display units to new locations
  • Store Branding & Customisation
  • Fill a display unit in seconds using Autofill, then Edit Manually to achieve perfection
  • Automatic Product Stacking
  • Brand Blocking based on your product choices
  • Save / Load entire stores
  • Supports Best-Practice Identification & Global Implementation
  • Prove your Marketing Concept with Real Shoppers
  • Convince the Retailer with proof that your Concepts work
  • Cloud-based 3D services, allowing you to collaborate internally across teams on planogram and store combinations without investment in 3D-capable hardware running locally


Manufacturers who have clever technology or processes can show potential purchasers using animated 3D within an appropriate VR environment in order to demonstrate the overall benefits that their products offer.

Enterprise Clients please Contact Us for More Information.




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