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3D Retail

A scalable fully interactive ‘end-to-end’ 3D Virtual Store solution that’s easy to use, affordable, and quick to deploy.

No matter how large or small your project needs may be - from a single shelf using our Virtual Shelf starter software to a fully realised 3D Store for Enterprise use in Full Store Financial Simulation, Space Planning, Market Research and Sales negotiations, Buzz 3D have it covered.




3D Ad Testing

Use Buzz Virtual World technology to set up and test advertising media and creatives for optimum positioning and visibility for your target demographic, giving you confidence in rolling your campaign out to the real world.

The advantage of Virtual is to deliver a consistent approach and consistent standards - two qualities it is simply not possible to replicate in real world testing.

Place Media anywhere in the virtual space, choose between paper, digital or backlit, allocate your creatives, set up your timings and then show to respondents in controlled tests. Buzz 3D gathers eye tracking metrics from each test and supplies this information in an easy to understand format to reveal insights emanating from your decisions.




3D Real Estate

Use Virtual simulations to sell your Real Estate Concepts "Off Plan" before you even break ground.

Walk around a photorealistic virtual real-time environment, change decor, design your kitchen and bathroom and generate video in full HD so quickly and cost effectively you'll wonder why you never used them as hand-outs before.

Providing a purchaser with ownership of the design so that they can experience exactly what their new property and surroundings will look like when they move in gives you the most powerful marketing advantage you will ever have.





3D Automotive


3D Fast Food Restaurant


3D Museum


Use fully interactive and animated 3D vehicle simulations as part of your Educational and Experiential Marketing to exploit the power of social media spend.

Safety systems, performance upgrades and other upselling opportunities can all be conveyed by putting the potential buyer into the virtual driver's seat.


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Our proven 3D Retail technology now comes to Fast Food. Our advanced Space Planning systems can design your interiors and promote new concepts and ideas for Best Practice.

Use Buzz 3D to maximise your share of a global industry forecast to generate $690 billion by 2022 (Zion Market Research 2017).


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Don't keep your valuable exhibits hidden away just because you don't have space to show them!

Use Buzz 3D to simulate your Museum in the unlimited real estate of a great-looking virtual world, giving you all the room you need to show your exhibits in an interactive 3D space accessible by anyone, on any device.


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