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Buzz 3D Virtual Reality 3D Simulation for Real Estate provides both interactive and video HD walkthroughs in real time, changing the paradigm for selling and letting properties “off plan”.

A unique marketing approach via social media for today’s tech savvy audience. Prospective Purchasers can go where they like, when they like; experiment with alternative kitchen & bathrooms units, as well décor, floor coverings, furniture, etc; produce HD video walkthroughs at high speed for sharing with family and friends and where the Sales Office can display their Virtual Experience to identify opportunities for Upselling.

Customising a Virtual Space gives potential occupiers psychological ‘ownership’, making the sale more likely.

  • Extrude the walls from your 2D floor plan, or import your 3D model
  • Photorealism is possible by exploiting today’s technological advances
  • Virtual Reality is the pre-cursor for creating 360° Equirectangular images or video when properties don’t exist
  • Real-time navigation puts ‘the user in control’ of where they go, and when
  • See the view from all windows and how the sun effects each room
  • Experience and night conditions – great for ‘lit’ cityscapes
  • Experiment with alternative kitchen & bathrooms units (colour & design)
  • Change décor, floor coverings, furniture, etc, and even room lighting
  • Amend the environment room by room
  • Explore different landscaping and exterior elevation options
  • Cost for all changes can be shown on screen in real-time if desired
  • Sales Office could provide a video walk-thru showing all amendments

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