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Buzz 3D Technology has been developed exclusively in-house by our 3D Specialist programming team over the course of many years, and has been proven to be robust across many hundreds of market research studies and custom 3D virtual environments applicable to numerous industries.


We can model anything in 3D

We’re happy to tell you how to optimise your models for real-time 3D or offer a service where we can do it for you





Supported by request





Cloud services can be made available to stream interactive 3D to any device over the internet




All shopper behaviour collected in real time

Friendly user interface allows deep-diving or data to reveal insights

Buzz 3D SmartQuery™ is unique to Buzz 3D technology, and enables data to be queried in “plain English” and get specific answers in seconds. Filters can be applied to include/exclude any demographics and socio-economic classifications, as well as products from your metrics, allowing for powerful and simple de-cluttering of data

Pack Inspection & Comparison reveals the visibility of pack artwork at the product level and allows you to compare across all virtual stores

Footfall Heat Mapping gives a plan view of the virtual store visualising the shopper’s journey through the store, both in motion and when standing still

Interactive 3D Heat Mapping shows heat maps overlaid on all items from within the 3D store, revealing which products, POS and other Messaging received the most visual attention from your shoppers

Full Basket Analysis and many other KPI Reports have been defined by IPSOS based on industry standards, and are customisable by our team to suit your specific needs




Use the Virtual Shelf on your Laptop in Sales meetings or Marketing Presentations to help agree 3D planogram configurations that work best for you and your business

Use Virtual Store to expand your concepts to include full store simulations where the flow of shoppers and the planning of your store becomes important

Use the full Consumer Research and Data Mining Suite at Enterprise level to serve as proof to the most sceptical retailer that by adopting your proposed layouts it will be financially beneficial to you both




No matter the size of your organisation, or the number of shoppers and virtual stores that you need to test with, Buzz 3D has got you covered




We already operate globally and can support any language required



Full support for industry-standard Tobii Pro Eye-Tracking Devices

Support for additional devices available upon request



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