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Buzz 3D Retail consists of 3 modules which collectively form the Enterprise-Class Solution. However, even smaller businesses still benefit from Enterprise technology as all of these modules in whole or in part form the foundation of our complete product range.

Editor module - Design and Edit 3D planograms as part of a Virtual Store

Supports Unlimited Experimentation for positioning of Products, POS, and Sales Assets. Manufacturers can convince Retailers of the best way to present their products, and Retailers can see what the Consumer will experience in their real world stores. Total ‘portability’ means you can collaborate to make and agree changes from within the 3D store directly on your laptop, and with just ‘one click’ all relevant Financial Information can be displayed on screen.

Shopping module - Shop a Full Virtual Store either for consumer testing or Cloud-based online sales

Use consumer testing to build up a body of compelling evidence that your design ideas work. Real shoppers will interact with the 3D virtual store. Buzz 3D Shopping records everything they do, where they look (eye-tracking enabled), and all products that they interact with or purchase.  The same technology also supports 3D online sales using Cloud-Based VR. No matter how you choose to deploy, all data is compiled and integrated within an advanced database for analysis. It is then conveyed to the Buzz 3D Data Mining module for analysis and/or to your existing order fulfilment pipeline.

Data Mining module - Optimise your strategy by gaining unique shopper insights from Advanced Analytics

All recorded Shopping Data is aggregated and presented using a comprehensive suite of tools allowing easy access to the results with advanced querying in “plain language” to identify unique consumer behaviours across all demographics. For Market Research this gives you the proof you need to "sell" your ideas and marketing proposals.

For on-line shopping, Data Mining is an invaluable tool for keeping track of just how well your Virtual Store is performing, and how to continually optimise the store layout and 3D planograms to maximise sales.

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